Run The Vote

Monday, October 12th – Tuesday, November 3rd

Online Event

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Don’t just vote, RUN the vote! Encourage others to “exercise” their right to vote while taking place in the “Run The VOTE” virtual race!

It’s time to get out and exercise our right to vote…literally!

From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, this is an event for ALL Americans! The Founding Fathers gave each of us the right to help make decisions that shape the future of our country. With so many factors affecting this year’s election, it’s important that everyone get out and vote, plus exercise is extremely important as well!

Event Details

We don’t care who or what you vote for, we just want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard! Join us for Run the Vote, a Virtual Race! As you race in your official “Run The Vote” shirt, you will be a running (or walking) billboard encouraging everyone else to exercise their right to vote! Plus for every ticket purchased, we will be able to provide 10 meals to children & families in need via Feeding America.


  1. Get your ticket before prices increase and get ready to run (or walk)!
  2. Post on ouFacebook Event Page to let the world know that you’ve accepted the ‘Run the Vote’ challenge, and they should too! Tag your friends to encourage them to run and vote! (This step is optional.)
  3. Receive your Official Run the Vote T-Shirt in the mail the week before the election.
  4. Put on your Official Run the Vote T-Shirt and RUN (or walk)! It could be a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon, or you can even walk a mile! You will make your way around town as a shining example of a true American, staying healthy, and encouraging others to VOTE!.
  5. After you complete your race, please post a picture of yourself as well as your stats on our Facebook Page for a chance to win cool prizes! It’s okay…you can humble brag! Tag your friends to encourage them to vote. The goal is to get out, get moving and encourage everyone to VOTE! (This step is optional.)


Enter to win our PHOTO CONTEST when you post your pictures to Facebook or Instagram using “#RunTheVote” Our panel of judges will go through the pictures and winners will be contacted!


– When should I register? Register by October 12th and your official Run The Vote shirt will arrive the week before the election!

– When do I run? This is a virtual race, you’ll receive your shirt prior to the event. Feel free to race on any day and time that fits your schedule!

– I’m not a runner. Can I participate? Of course! Set a goal for yourself and hit it! Even if you’re just walking down the block!

– Do I need to time my run? You can choose to time yourself or not for your race.


For questions, sponsorship opportunities, and press inquiries, please email


– Fundraising Opportunity: Are you trying to raise money for a certain cause? Email for more info!

– Celebrate your birthday with a birthday run, and your ticket is free! Email for more info (conditions apply).

– Want to earn a free ticket and some cash for spreading the word? Email for more info!

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