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Imagine this, you’re sitting in a beach lounge area with the cool breeze from Lake Michigan moving your hair and the fresh May sun basking your skin as summer starts to arrive. The settle chatter of those around you and the background music fills your ears. Reaching for your glass of your favorite Chicago made bourbon just to take a small sip of enjoyment and contemplating what’s going to be the next whiskey you’re trying. All of your friends arrive after retrieving their beverages and cocktails and help to make your next choice in drink while you’re just enjoying the beautiful view of the city. It’s relaxing yet exciting. All you can think about it “This is the life”. Now doesn’t this sound like a great weekend event? You can enjoy it yourself by attending Whiskey Festival on the Beach! 


At Whiskey Festival on the Beach, you have the opportunity to taste many different types of whiskey, bourbon, and scotch while enjoying North Avenue Beach in Downtown Chicago. It can even be enjoyable for those who don’t drink whiskey as well! With a large variety of choices to pick from, you are bound to find a beverage of your liking. It’s a great setting for those wanting to try something new for the fun of it and those who have a lot of knowledge in the dark liquor beverages. This Whiskey Festival is not like your standard trip to Binnys. 


Whiskey Festival on the Beach is an adult event in Chicago that takes place at North Avenue’s Shore Club venue. During the 3-hour event, you get to enjoy the many whiskeys that are brought to you by our various Chicago land vendors. Each having a different taste than the next. While at Shore Club, you also are able to see a beautiful view of one of the world’s greatest cities, Chicago, while enjoying the beach front of Lake Michigan. What more could you ask for? 


The fun doesn’t stop at the tastings of bourbon on the beach and gazing at the city. During the Whiskey Festival, there are many giveaways that take place, $200 worth of freebies that come with ever ticket purchase, and a photo contest you can enter in to join another event in the future! Why not swing your shot to attend another fun filled Chicago event? 


While COVID is still a precaution, Whiskey Festival is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to enjoy a gathering with friends, the city, and beach life all while practicing social distancing! In order to enforce social distancing, tickets and capacity are limited as we will be following Chicago in their “Be Safe Chicago” guidelines. It’s best to jump at your chance in enjoying these luxuries now while tickets are still available! 


This event, as well as many other enjoyable events, are located on Chicago20Something.weebly.com. Tickets are purchased through eventbrite. In order to successfully attend, you will need a copy of your scannable ticket and a valid driver’s license that states you are above the legal drinking age. There is no guest lists for our events, so be sure to have your ticket copy!


I hope to see you on the beach this coming 2021! Cheers until then! 

What’s a good tasting whiskey, you may ask? Find out on Friday, September 18th at the Chicago Whiskey Festival on the Beach! Located at the Shore Club on North Avenue Beach, you will be able to enjoy 3 hours of sipping on a wide variety of whiskeys while hanging with your friends on Lake Michigan. Could you ask for a better beach party? Spice up your Friday nights with this beachfront getaway and have a great time in Chicago. 


The purchasing of a ticket includes whiskey tasting from 6:00-9:00 pm as well as giveaways and more. There is something for everyone at the Whiskey Festival on the Beach. Bring your friends, whiskey lovers, and family and come have a great time hanging out on the Chicago lakefront. Take lots of pictures— I know you are going to want to remember this event. Surround yourself with the people you love and enjoy yourself, let loose, and have fun! 


I don’t know about you, but as a broke college student, I’m not exactly a “whiskey connoisseur”. Part of the reason why is because I know nothing about it and have never tried a whiskey brand that I truly enjoyed drinking. If you’re anything like me, and whiskey isn’t necessarily something you know like the back of your hand, this is the perfect opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone and try new things! I’m thinking you’re not going to regret it. 


If you actually are a whiskey connoisseur, this event is absolutely perfect for you. With a variety of whiskeys to choose from, you are guaranteed to not only find your favorite whiskey, but to also find others you may have never heard of before. How many drinks are you excited to try?


With a variety of different vendors, both local and nationwide, you will have the world of whiskey at your fingertips! Is whiskey not your drink of choice? No problem! There will also be multiple different kinds of bourbons and scotches to choose from. This provides ample opportunities to find a good summer drink. 


Take advantage of the beautiful late summer Chicago weather by hanging with your friends at the beach. Lake Michigan never gets old. Don’t forget that soon we’ll be back in freezing weather! We’ll miss the opportunities that we had to have fun with our friends and enjoy the sun. 


Make sure that you photograph your favorite finds and the memories. Tag your photos with #RiverNorthFests for a chance to win our Photo Contest! We select the winners after the fest. Have fun and let loose on the beach with your friends, you deserve it! 


An important aspect of this to note is that we are planning on having the event as planned. We will be monitoring the COVID19 guidelines in Illinois and the Chicago area to ensure the safety for everyone attending. If anything were to change regarding this event, we will let all ticketholders know via email. Beforehand, make sure you stay home if you are feeling sick and exhibit proper hygiene and cleanliness. We want everyone to be safe, happy, and healthy!

Want to feel like you’re traveling on a luxurious beach, sipping on some whiskey, minutes away from your home? Well I have got the perfect event for you! Come join us at the Whiskey Festival on the Beach where you can enjoy multiple varieties of whiskey you can choose from! Even though traveling is more difficult to do during a pandemic, it’s still possible to experience a fun and safe getaway with your friends! 


Whiskey Festival at the Beach will take place on Friday, September 18th from 6:00pm-9:00 pm at Shore Club. Our location offers a beautiful experience rivaling some of the best beaches around the world so it feels like you are ACTUALLY on a tropical vacation! Forget going to Bora Bora or the Bahamas, especially during a pandemic! Save your money for next year when places are safe and come to the Whiskey Festival at the Beach! Not only will attendees get a lavish summertime experience, but they will also receive over $200 in FREE offers from Chicago Twenty Something (valid for first time users only). You don’t want to miss out on this! 


As mentioned earlier, with each ticket purchase you will receive admission to the event, over $200 in Freebies including $7 in FREE DoorDash cash, $10 in FREE food from Ritual and many more! You can get tickets at www.ChicagoTwentySomething.com. It’s extremely important to buy tickets earlier because the price of tickets will increase. Get your tickets as soon as you can!


Attendees will also have the chance to win in Whiskey Festival at the Beach’s photo contest by posting pictures to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag “#RiverNorthFests”! I know many of us love to get ready, look boujee and take pictures with our friends! This may sound like something that you can easily do at any bar or club, but the only difference is that you will be at one of the most beautiful beach clubs ever! 


You can go to a bar or club on any Friday night, but the Whiskey Festival at the Beach is an event that only happens once a year! Come join us at one of our most unique events. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all of the fun and freebies!

Are you a Whiskey enthusiast?  Are you new to Whiskey and want to start tasting and enjoying it more?  Well, we have the perfect event for you!  Whiskey Festival on the beach is an event that takes place at the Shore club on Chicago’s own North Avenue Beach!  The stunning landscape will take you in as you enjoy great company, a variety of Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch, and more!


Whiskey on the beach takes place Friday, September 18th and features 3 hours of whiskey tasting along with a breathtaking view.  And for anyone who is into whiskey or even is just looking to get out there and meet new people, this is a great event for you.  So it really doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to fine tune your palette or if you just want to kick back and relax with some great whiskey.


This is also a great opportunity to meet some new people!  If you’re just moving to the city and want to have a great time while also connecting with potential new friends, what better way than to bond over some whiskey!  With all different whiskey types and flavors, you’re sure to have some exciting conversation.


The venue is also quite the location.  Shore club is a well known beach and an extension of the lincoln park and Gold coast community.  So it’s especially good if you’re looking to connect within those communities.  But, it’s also great if you’re just looking to get out and sip some whiskey! Events like this only come around so often and you really don’t want to miss it.


Tickets are also starting right now at only $20.  For three hours of tasting and over $200 in freebies from companies like Doordash you definitely can’t afford to miss this one!  So grab your friends and head over to chicago20something.com to buy your tickets now.  Their website will also have more info and photos of last year’s event, as well as more info on other great events that are coming soon.  So definitely make sure to check it out!  But make sure not to wait too long because tickets will definitely get more expensive as the event gets closer!


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