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Are you home for Thanksgiving and in need of something fun to get you through the holiday? I’ve got the perfect event for you! The Turkey Crawl is an adult only event that allows you to have a few drinks before spending Thanksgiving with your family. Join us for a night of fun before your day of eating and sleeping.

There will be drinks, there will be food, what more could you want? The Turkey Crawl is Wrigleyville’s only Black Wednesday bar crawl! With your ticket you will receive a free dinner buffet, three free $4 gift cards to use on the crawl, drink specials, giveaways and more! Yeah you read that right, you get FREE food. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to have a good time the night before! You get to eat more and then sleep all day. I can’t think of a better situation. 

The Turkey Crawl is on Wednesday, November 25th from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Wrigleyville. Tickets start at $10 and increase as the event draws closer. So you get a better deal the sooner you and your friends buy! Your ticket includes admission, a free dinner buffet, three $4 gift cards to use on the crawl, drink specials, giveaways and more! All attendees will receive over $200 in freebies. 

It wouldn’t be smart to miss out on a good deal like this! You get a great night out before Thanksgiving and freebies all for $10! Once you go to this crawl once, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without it! Also, you get to attend the only bar crawl on Black Wednesday, which is pretty cool. Why participate in Black Friday when you have a Black Wednesday event just two days before?!

As mentioned, all attendees will receive over $200 in freebies. This includes $7 in FREE DoorDash Cash from DoorDash and $10 in FREE food from Ritual & More! *All offers valid for first time users only and subject to change*

Coming home for Thanksgiving means you’ll be seeing a lot of people in a short amount of time, and that’s not only family but hometown friends, too. Instead of hoping to see them at your neighborhood Turkey Trot or squeezing in brunch plans, why not make it a whole lot easier? The Turkey Crawl in Wrigleyville is the perfect way to make the most out of your night, see as many friends as you can and get a good deal, all in one. 


Wrigleyville is one of the most happening parts of the city and Blackout Wednesday is one of the busiest bar nights OF THE YEAR. The Turkey Crawl is the perfect way to enjoy the night completely. Not only does the price of admission include a free dinner buffet, three free $4 gift cards you can use during the crawl, drink specials and access to giveaways, but you’ll get drinks on us at post parties on Friday and Saturday. If you go to Moe’s Cantina in River North on Friday and mention you went to the Turkey Crawl, you’ll get drinks on us from 10-11 p.m. Same deal if you go to Old Crow in River North on Saturday. Yes, one ticket to the Turkey Crawl opens up a lot of doors!


The Turkey Crawl will take place Wednesday, November 25. We all know how quickly the holidays sneak up on all of us. Instead of waiting it out, make sure you plan ahead. The earlier you snag your ticket, the cheaper the ticket will be. Events like these aren’t easy to come by, and instead of hoping you can get into a good bar, make sure of it. 


It’s not always easy to run into friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time. Don’t make it harder by sitting in the same restaurant you’ve all been to a thousand times. Mix it up and have more fun. 


Bringing someone home for Thanksgiving and not sure how to make it fun? Nervous they may not like your friends? A bar crawl is the perfect way to make a great introduction! Without the pressure of a sit-down dinner, show them the one of the coolest parts of the city. Bar crawls are one of the best ways to get to know people. There’s no pressure of trying to make good conversation. Just have a good time with good people and good deals. 


One of the best parts? Thanksgiving is the next day. As long as you’re not cooking, all you have to do is eat. Great hangover food guaranteed. 


The holidays are stressful enough as it is. Having something fun to do around Thanksgiving shouldn’t be adding on to that. Make sure you and all your friends head to and get your tickets as soon as possible. If you think you’ve found the perfect event, you’re not alone! Lots of people have! Make sure you get your tickets before prices go up.

Thanksgiving has really become something different over the past couple years.  Especially as College age students start getting older, it seems like we should have something to do besides awkward family time with extended family members we only see once a year.  And with the emergence of Blackout Wednesday, we all finally have something to do that saves us for a night from the awkward encounters with our relatives.


Thanksgiving 2020 is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you are wondering “what am I gonna do for blackout wednesday?”.  Well I’ve got the perfect solution for you and your friends!  The Turkey Crawl is an event that takes place on Blackout Wednesday in Chicago, and it’s the only bar crawl in the city that night.  It takes place in Wrigleyville which we all know is one of the most fun spots in the City, and instead of being held down by having to stay at one bar, you get to enjoy a bunch of bars all within walking distance of each other.  And since Blackout Wednesday is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, other bars will charge you a lot just to get in the door.  But don’t worry, The Turley Crawl has got you and your friends covered!


Tickets to the Turkey crawl are on sale for $10 right now.  That’s right, that’s not even a typo, the tickets are really just $10 if you buy early.  And what you get is worth much more than that.  Tickets include access to multiple popular Wrigleyville bars, $5 bud Light seltzer’s, Michelob Ultra, and Fireball at most locations, and over $200 in freebies from places like Doordash and Ritual!  This deal honestly speaks for itself and the Turkey Crawl is some of the most fun me and my friends have ever had in Chicago.


And, if you’re looking for something to do Friday or Saturday night look no further!  With the purchase of a ticket to the Turkey Crawl you’ll also receive a drink on us Friday at Moe’s Cantina, and Saturday at Old Crow Smokehouse from 10-11pm if you mention you’re there for the Turkey Crawl when you check in!  I’ve honestly never heard of another deal that hooks you up for the main event AND the weekend.  I’ll definitely be buying my tickets early so I don’t miss out.


But make sure not to wait too long because tickets do get more expensive as the event date gets closer, and I would hate to see people miss out!  Just think about it, all the stress of planning and coordinating goes out the window when you have a package deal like this, and with the crawl being in one of the most fun areas of Chicago you’re sure to have a blast.  So make sure to get those tickets now at, get ready for Blackout Wednesday 2020, and stay tuned on their website for when the venues are announced on Tuesday, November 2020!


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