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Wondering what to do in Chicago in the summer? Tired of going out at night every night, at the same bars, with the same people? Presented by Chicago Twenty Something, the Mustache Crawl is the new “thing to do” this summer! You may have heard of it before, so don’t miss it this time. The Mustache Crawl is one of Wrigleyville’s largest and most famous bar crawls, who would want to be left out of that? This crawl is for all – whether you rock a stache or not – come out and join in on this day!

The Mustache crawl is an all day event going from 10am-8pm on Saturday July 25th. Included with your ticket purchase to the event enjoy admission to all bars on the crawl, a FREE breakfast buffet, gift cards to use on the crawl, the famous mustache t-shirt, giveaways, and more! Don’t forget freebies too – $20 in in FREE rides from Via using promo code ‘Chi20’, $7 in DoorDash cash from DoorDash, and $10 in FREE food from your favorite restaurants like Freshii, Protein Bar, Jersey Mike’s, and more from Ritual!

Don’t forget to take plenty of pics at the crawl too! Featuring our mustache crawl photo frame, these pictures will last a lifetime, and help you remember all the fun you had the next day too:) Whether you’ve got a stache of your own, are rocking some mustache sunglasses, or even a fake stache – capture the moment with a photo! Enter the photo contest with your most creative, sexiest, funniest, and most natural looking mustache to win prizes throughout the day. Our staff will be on the lookout for the best, so make sure that’s you! Be sure to check out photos from the previous year’s crawls to get inspired on Chicago Twenty Something’s facebook page and website.  

This bar crawl is a steal, especially if you get your tickets early – prices go up the closer to the day of the crawl! From all the freebies, cheap tickets, to being a part of a Chicago FAMOUS bar crawl, attendance is a must!

Don’t be that guy that didn’t go to the Mustache Crawl again. Experience an unforgettable day of mustaches, laughs, and drinks in Chicago’s amazing Wrigleyville. Get your tickets today at You will not regret it!

Wow! What a crazy first week of moving to Chicago. This city is teeming with nightlife. I went to the Mustache Crawl in Wrigleyville with a group of my friends to celebrate my 25th birthday! It was so much fun, I was so thrilled to get to go out with so many exciting young people in the Second City! You all know I’m an absolute slut for a theme and this one absolutely delivered. It was hosted by an awesome little company called Chicago Twenty Something, and let me just say I am now their biggest fan. 

The Bar Crawl started at the cutest little bar. They had photo frames for us to pose with and so much great swag. My personal favorite was the fake mustache, but I can see how someone might like the free t-shirt the most. I’m taking mine home for an at home bleach tie dye Tiktok, so keep an eye out for that one. After ubering from my apartment on Michigan Ave, I was so excited to see that the whole city was throwing a birthday party just for me! Ok… not really but it felt like it! All of the bar staff was so kind to me, they made me feel like a Chicago Princess. The crawl came with so many great freebies, I felt like I was getting little birthday presents at every single place! So cute! I know that actually wasn’t at all what I was getting but… you all totally get it. A free Via ride (and we all know Via is totally it and Uber is totally shit – human rights anyone??), DoorCash, A BREAKFAST BUFFET??? Come ON that’s better than anything my friends got me (I mean they are broke New Yorkers but Still!). Also these midwestern men may be slower than my big city boys, they are certainly also cuter.  I have a date next week that I can’t wait to blog to you guys about. That’s right, this crawl wasn’t only fun way to see my city and meet a few new friends, it also bought me my very first Chicago Date!! 

If you’re a fun and flirty gal looking for a great way to spend a night (or day, or weekend, or anything) out on the greatest city in the entire world, then you gotta check out one of Chicago Twenty Something’s pub crawls. I haven’t had this much fun since my study abroad, and that definitely wasn’t as cheap. That’s right fun and flirty ladies, this crawl is super affordable. Even better, if you use my special promo code, Jessnek and follow this link:, you’ll be able to get a 10% discount. You can partner with charities and businesses to raise money for a good cause, invite all of your friends, and maybe even meet me at an event!

Join Chicago 20 Something for their biggest and most popular crawl! The Mustache Crawl is known by college students throughout the midwest! Join in on the fun at Wrigleyville’s largest and most famous bar crawl. You can sport a nice ‘stache and drink at Wrigleyville’s hottest bars!


The Mustache Crawl takes place on July 25th, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Your ticket includes admission to all the bars, an Official Crawl t-shirt, breakfast buffet, gift cards to use on the crawl, giveaways and more! Make it an event and bring out all of your friends for an entire day of fun in one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods. I know I’m going to meet up with most of my sorority and make it a 21+ sisterhood event!


As mentioned above, your freebies include $20 in FREE rides from Via using promo code ‘CHI20’ – Get $7 in DoorDash cash from DoorDash – $10 in FREE food at your favorite restaurants like Freshii, Protein Bar, Jersey Mike’s & more from Ritual

*All offers valid for first time users only and subject to change without notice*


You can find tickets on and join in on the biggest and best bar crawl of the summer! There’s nothing like ending your Summertime Chi than spending the day bar crawling in Wrigleyville with your best friends!

Say hello to Chicago’s number 1 bar crawl!! Crawl from bar to bar sporting a mustache at this mustache themed event! (Mustaches optional). Experience yourself all the hype this amazing event has to offer, including all the activities, like a free breakfast buffet, t-shirt, gift cards, drink specials, giveaways and much more! Join in on the fun of Wrigleyville’s largest and most famous bar crawl, The Mustache Crawl!

What’s Included??

A ticket purchase includes a wristband granting admission to all bars, an official Mustache Bar Crawl t-shirt, breakfast buffet, gift cards to use during the crawl, giveaways, and much more!

Free Stuff!!! And Photo Ops

Enjoy $20 in free rides from Via, and deals from some of your favorite companies like DoorDash, Freshii, and Jersey Mike’s. Photo contests will also be held for those who use the #Chicago20Something for a chance to become a Chicago Brunch Crawl Champ, decided by our panel of judges! So, don’t forget to post a picture from every bar!

A Special Thanks To…

This Chicago Mustache Crawl event would not be possible without the help of our sponsors! We want to give a special thanks to you all. 

Platinum Sponsors: Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island, Michelob Ultra, and Fireball

Gold Sponsors: UpMerch, The Gunderson Law Firm, Chicago Party Boat, Chicago Twenty Something, and Chicago Freebies


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