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So you’re a White Sox fan, huh? Yeah, us too. You want to brag to your co-workers about what you did and they didn’t do over the weekend? Understandable. Thanks to Chicago Twenty Something, you have that chance. The Sox Crawl is perfect for superfans and tourists to experience a day of sports like no other. You not only have the ability to receive exclusive entry to Guaranteed Rate Field four hours before the game starts, but attend a pre-game bar crawl INSIDE the stadium during this time. Cool right? Oh, and did I mention the lower-level game ticket that is included in your purchase? Because that comes along with Sox Crawl tickets as well. 

No one can deny that receiving exclusive pre-game entry to the stadium is pretty cool, but imagine watching a Sox Game with all of your fellow friends that are Sox fans with a good amount of drinks in you prior to the game. You will be bouncing around from bar to bar inside the stadium (which is pretty big if you didn’t know) and definitely have a good buzz before the start of the game. Of course everyone drinks before Sox games, but the Sox Crawl experience cannot be matched. Matching official Sox Crawl shirts add to the experience, and make you feel way more exclusive than everyone else there. Trust me. This is a perfect event to even bring your significant other to if they’ve been wanting to mix up date night with something new. 

Since you are able to enter the stadium early, amazing photo opportunities and photo booths will be available, and while taking these pictures look for a chance to win raffle prizes, giveaways, and more. Those will all be available inside the stadium before the game starts. 

So go try out the White Sox Crawl, and have fun. You will definitely not regret it. And for some completely wacky reason you do, you get a free shirt and a chance to win free stuff. So go bring your friends and make your coworkers jealous of what YOU did over the weekend and what they could have done. Of course if you get along with your coworkers in the office, invite them all too and get them in on the fun. The more the merrier! The more people, the more drinks, the more fun. This also provides a great opportunity to meet other White Sox fans your age that live in or near the city. I know I said earlier this would be a good date idea to bring a significant other to, but it would also be a great time to meet a significant other as well. You will already have one common interest to bond over. 

I do have to mention, even if you are not a White Sox fan and you prefer the Cubs (because lets face it, World Series Champs) the Sox Crawl still provides an amazing opportunity to relax and have fun. Of course if you despise the White Sox I do not recommend going, but hey if they’re just not your favorite….well, that’s what the alcohol is for.

Chicago has always been divided, Sox or Cubs. And for the most part we coexist and get along. But I think we can all agree that the White Sox is the superior baseball team in Chicago. Even if sports aren’t your thing, hanging out at a baseball stadium with your friends is a lot of fun!


I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a good game to go to! This is the perfect opportunity to get your money’s worth. Before the game starts, crawl from bar to bar at Guaranteed Rate Field then stick around to see the White Sox destroy another team. The tickets include exclusive entry to the pregame crawl inside the stadium, a lower-level game ticket, official Sox crawl t-shirt, White Sox promo item, amazing photo-ops and a photo booth, entertainment including the Chicago Pipe Band, and raffle prizes, giveaways and more!


What better way to remember such an amazing game like this than to take photos? You get access to a beautiful stadium so make sure to be creative when capturing your pictures! And don’t forget to enter the photo contest by posting a photo to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag “#SoxCrawl.” Make sure you take lots of pictures with your best friends throughout the day to create memories that you will remember forever. A little advice, post the best picture of you from every bar! Our panel of judges will look through all the tagged photos and will contact a winner after the crawl. I would look at photos from previous years, if I were you, to make sure you get that perfect picture on the Chicago Twenty Something’s Facebook page.


The Sox Crawl has amazing opportunities to raise money as well! You can help raise money for a fundraiser of your choice. You can also use it to celebrate your birthday. I can’t imagine a better birthday than spending the day watching the Chicago White Sox win their game while drinking with my best friends. Also, how convenient is it that they walk around with food so you don’t even have to get up from your seat. 


You never know what can happen at a baseball game! The event only happens once a year and ticket prices are rising soon. Purchase your tickets today at Get your tickets ASAP. This will be the best decision you’ll make all year!


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