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COVID-19 cannot stop you from experiencing different cultures and traditions. The Japanese culture is fascinating in the fact that they have been influenced from ancient times to the Middle Ages. From the clothing and traditions to the food and drinks they have a distinctive taste and brand that you must experience. 

Their most popular drink that has made its way to America is Sake. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of enjoying Sake with their Japanese inspired meals, you are missing out. This alcoholic beverage is made by fermented rice that has been both polished to remove the bran. With an alcohol content of fifteen percent, you can find this unique drink in tall wine-like bottles.  

Japanese Sake is translated to alcoholic beverages and is referred to often. In America Alcohol mostly encourages bad behaviors and degrading health problem. But, when consuming sake is a moderate manner is actually improving cholesterol, reduced clotting, and has proven to slightly improve heart health. There’s no need for feeling guilty after drinking this unique beverage. In addition to these health benefits Sake also naturally inhibits the production of enzymes that help contribute to high blood pressure. 

In a comparable sense to an American alcoholic beverage, you could consider wine like Sake. Both wine and Sake are fermented alcohols in which the alcohol percentage is around the same (fifteen percent). However, the only difference is the sweetness. Japanese Sake is much sweeter than wine and does have a higher calorie intake.  

Just like wine though there are many different Sake flavors that can be purchased. Many Americans tend to lean towards the sweeter Sakes while the Japanese people enjoy drinking local Sake’s that are made throughout their neighborhoods. Sake continues to grow in popularity throughout the American tradition and is becoming easier to find in local grocery stores and Japanese styled restaurants. There are over 1,800 Sake brewers in Japan with about 1,700 different brands of this beverage. 

This upcoming event hosted River North Fests is a celebration made in order to show off the best Sake and Japanese pairings you can find in the Chicagoland area. It is important to ensure cultural diversity throughout our society during this time where travel restrictions are common. This event will be held in 2021 and will be an enjoyable experience that will allow you and your friends or family to enjoy this unique drink that is becoming more popular throughout America. 

Why turn down an experience that helps bring the traveling aspect of your life back by having your experiment with different drinks and foods from the Japanese culture. In order to find more information about this irresistible event visit and stay updated on when tickets go on sale because they are sure to go quickly. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the fest! This event is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy! Cheers!


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