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Do you love getting lost in the music and dancing your feet away? Are you missing music festivals because of COVID cancelations? What will really take away the pain of not seeing a live concert is dancing your way to Chicago 20 Something’s EDM Crawl this May! 


EDM Crawl is an adult Chicago event that grants you access to enjoy some of Chicago’s hottest clubs, bars, and lounges! At each location, there will be one of Chicago’s best EDM DJs performing live for all to dance and flow to! No matter where you stop, you will be sure to feel the rhythm and move your feet! You also have the chance to enter in a photo contest to win access to another one of our events! Who knew pictures didn’t only capture the memories you made, but could win you a chance to make more. All you need to do is upload pictures to Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #Chicago20Something. It’s just that simple! 


At each bar, there will be drink specials like $5 Michelob Ultra and $6 Bug Light Seltzer. Don’t you worry, Goose Island 312 and Fireball will be available at most locations as well to spicy up your day! The deals don’t stop there either. With every purchased ticket comes freebies such as $20 worth a FREE ride from Via, $7 in Door Dash cash, and $10 worth of FREE food at Freshii, Protein Bar, Jersey Mikes, and many more! Given these essentials, how can you resist not going?


What could be better? Being able to go into Chicago’s hottest clubs dancing the day away. All while getting discounted drink in your hand with friends. It’s no festival, but it sure is a party that everyone would want to be a part of! 


If you see this as a perfect day for yourself and your friends, tickets will be available soon! All Chicago 20 Something events are listed on Chicago20Something.weebly.com. By clicking on the event, you will be direct to our ticket headquarters, Eventbrite. Here, you will be able to purchase your ticket and receive a confirmation code. For locations to pick up your wristband and complimentary packet of goodies, you need to check our event page since it will be announced the Friday prior to the event. 


In order to enter in each of our selected locations, you are in need of a wristband that MUST be worn during the whole event between 12 PM and 6 PM. If you lose it, we unfortunately can’t grant you access so be sure it doesn’t fall on the dance floor while you’re getting down. 


As COVID is a precaution at this time, capacity to each location will be limited to ensure social distancing and following Chicago’s “Be Safe Chicago” guidelines. No one wants to get sick, especially not during a party like this. By planning ahead, it’s best to secure your ticket now to enjoy this day full of beats, rhythm, and drops with friends!

Are you looking for something different than your regular night at the bars? Do you hear all the same songs over and over? Why not change it up with Chicago’s EDM bar crawl?! Whether you are into house, drum and bass, dubstep, or even big room this bar crawl will be the time of your life. This bar crawl hits River North’s most popular clubs, bars, and lounges that play more than the same five songs. It is a great way to meet people who have more than a basic taste in music and like to branch out. 

Have an early morning on Sunday? No problem! This bar crawl is totally different than any standard night out. One of the coolest parts of this bar crawl is that it is hosted during the day. Each ticket you purchase not only grants you admission, but it includes a free brunch buffet to start the day off right. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  During the event we also offer gift cards for you to use on the crawl. Enjoy various drink specials and super fun bar crawl giveaways! The best part is there are no kids!

Our electronic dance music crawl if strictly for adults only. Going downtown to restaurant bars with your friends can be nice, but there is always the family with the annoying screaming kids that put a damper on the fun. Instead, hit the dancefloor and go crazy. Enjoy the upbeat, modern, and various music genres that EDM has to offer. 

At Chicago Twenty Something we are always looking out for each other. We want to make sure everyone is involved and having a good time. As if the drink specials and outrageous party music were not enough, we incorporated a fun photo contest for all our EDM ravers. Entering is easy. Party goers simply have to post a photo of themselves having fun at the crawl using Instagram or Facebook and our Chicago Twenty Something hashtag. Then, a select panel of judges will review the photos and contact the winner after the crawl! But of course, there is more to the crawl than alcohol, great music, and photo contests! We have decided to add a couple freebies to the list. After all, who does not like free stuff?! EDM Crawl tickets will include up to $20 in free rides from Via, $7 in Door Dash cash, and $10 in free food to your favorite restaurants!

The bar schedule will be posted the Friday night before the crawl so be sure to check our site to stay updated. This crawl is especially popular to be sure to get your tickets ASAP! The first 500 guests who purchase their tickets will get free foam glowsticks to wear throughout the day! Do not miss out on a totally new and innovative Chicago experience. You can have a wild and crazy weekend and still make it to your Sunday family plans. Unless, of course, you would prefer to stay home and learn about all the fun your friends had the next day.


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