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Are you an ex-European missing your country’s diverse range of gin brands and flavors? A Northwestern student back from their abroad experiences hankering to go back to the good old days of pubs in the afternoon (we see you Taylor Swift)? A father looking to connect with his estranged son? 
No matter the high end (or high stress) occasion, we have you covered at Chicago’s Premier Gin Fest, the city’s first, biggest, and best gin-based drinking festival. Whether Tenqueray, Hendricks, or Bombay, you’ll find something unique and exciting that will tantalize your taste buds for years to come. Taking place at the elite SK Sky Bar, one of the hottest and most unique night clubs in Chicago, and our favorite place to party like Gatsby. Attendance at the festival includes so many incredible freebies as well, including over $20 in Via rides, free DoorDash and free food from delicious Chicago hot spots like Ritual. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste over 20 different kinds of Gin. We also have special deals for our VIP customers that include free hours of gin tasting and other unique and delicious opportunities to discover the wonders that gin offers the tastebuds. 
This fest is thrilling for our guests, however it is even more so for our Second City sponsors that make this festival a uniquely thrilling experience. If you’re interested in working with Chicago Twenty Something to help contribute to our incredible and unique event. This offers the opportunity to expose your products to a brand new audience of enthralled consumers. 
So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, invite your classiest friends, and join us for a James Bond inspired evening of class and fun! Use the code JESSNEK or visit our website at for more information! 


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