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Are you looking for something new and exciting to do with your friends this summer? Are you tired of going to your hometown bars and listening to the same basic music? Do you love country music? Well, if you said yes to all of these questions, then I may have something just for you. If you’re looking for a fun summer activity then look no further! Some of the most fun Chicago bars in Wrigleyville are hosting a country bar crawl! 

If you love country music, america, and beer, then this bar crawl is where you should be at. This Chicago bar crawl has been one that many country music lovers have attended for years. Along with the Chicago bars in Wrigleyville, we will also have a pre party and post party at Moe’s Cantina River North and Old Crow Smokehouse. When you arrive at these bars make sure you let them know you are attending the Chicago Country Crawl and you will receive drinks on us for an hour! 

This Chicago bar crawl also includes a photo contest that you can enter to win by tagging Chicago Twenty Something in a picture. On the day of the bar crawl, you can also pick up a bar crawl t-shirt in Wrigleyville at a location that will soon be announced. This event can also assist you in a birthday party! If it happens to be your birthday and you want to celebrate with us at this bar crawl then email Chicago Twenty Something and you can receive a free ticket! This bar crawl is a great place to hang out with friends and make some of the best memories. Don’t be that person that missed out going to the best Chicago bars and get your tickets early. The earlier you get your tickets, the better. If everything I have listed isn’t enticing enough, then what if I told you that your ticket also includes over $200 in freebies. Yes, I said over $200 worth of free extra stuff just for buying a ticket to listen to the best country music and drinking with friends in Wrigleyville. Some of the freebies include $7 of free Door Dash credit, $10 of free food from Ritual, and so much more.

 If you want to find out what else you get you can go to Chicago Twenty Something’s website, or just purchase a ticket and see what else you get from this bar crawl. We also include a breakfast buffet before the bar crawl so you will be full and ready to party! Another perk of this bar crawl is that all of these bars are within walking distance, so commuting to different Chicago bars or outside of Wrigleyville is something you don’t even need to worry about. I guarantee this bar crawl will be one of your best memories so go get your tickets now!

Are you a fan of country music and the good ole’ US of A? If so, then giddy up because the Chicago Country Crawl is calling your name! Even if you aren’t the biggest country fan, you do not want to miss out on this event. My friends and I can never decide which bars to go to, so if you’re anything like me bar crawls are the way to go.  Plus, all venues are within walking distance so you can spend more time partying and less time worrying about your cowboy boots giving you blisters! 


The Chicago Country Crawl takes place on Saturday, September 12th from 11:00am – 6:00pm. Besides admission and a guaranteed good time, tickets also include a free t-shirt, breakfast buffet, gift cards to use during the bar crawl, drink specials, giveaways, and more! The freebies are worth over $200, so if you are balling on a tight budget like me do not worry! This is the bar crawl for you. We also know that can be a long day, so we have included a free breakfast buffet so you don’t have to worry about rushing to prepare food beforehand or drinking on an empty stomach. Whether you are a huge country fan, in desperate need of a night out, want to rock your cowgirl boots, or are just in it for the free food, we’ve got you covered! This event only happens once a year, so do not miss out. 


In addition to the Chicago Country Crawl itself, there is a pre party AND an after party… the fun never ends! If you join us for the pre party at Moe’s Cantina On Friday, September 11th from 10:00pm – 11:00pm, you will receive a drink ON US! And if you aren’t too tired from all the fun and the festivities the day before, make sure you stop into Old Crow after the crawl on Saturday from 10:00pm – 11:00pm to receive yet another drink ON US! Be sure to mention you are there for the “Chicago Country Crawl.” As if that isn’t reason enough, the drink specials at most bars include $5 Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island 312, Michelob Ultra, and fireball. 

Do not miss out on a day full of drinking, socializing, dancing, and eating! Meanwhile, you get to explore Wrigleyville and some of the best bars in the city. What could possibly be better than that?. With just the click of a button, you can purchase your ticket to the Chicago Country Crawl at This is a very popular event, so make sure you saddle up and buy your tickets ASAP before prices go up. Then all you have to do is throw on your red, white, and blue and buckle up for a good time, yeehaw!

Chicago is bringing the south to you with the Chicago Country Crawl on Saturday, September 12th from 11 am to 6 pm. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday then getting your cowboy boots on and having some beers at all of Wrigleyville’s best bars. The Chicago Country Crawl is the perfect event to grab a group of your friends and show some American spirit. Who wouldn’t want to go? Come celebrate America with us, buy your tickets now before prices go up at


The Chicago Country Crawl will hit all of the best Wrigleyville spots, but specific locations are to be determined as of now. Check back on September 11th to find out where you’ll be heading to! We will also announce when and where you will need to pick up your bar crawl tickets, along with your free t-shirt. 


So what’s included? With your ticket to the Chicago Country Crawl you will receive admission to the crawl, a free t-shirt, a breakfast buffet, gift cards that can be used during the crawl, drink specials, and giveaways. The drink specials that are offered throughout the crawl include $5 Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island 312, Michelob Ultra, and Fireball. You will not want to miss out on those amazing deals! 


There will also be a photo contest held throughout the crawl where you can post a picture of you and your friends to Facebook or Instagram at the Chicago Country Crawl with the hashtag “Chicago20something.” Winners will be contacted after the crawl.  


Never want the Chicago Country Crawl to end? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Everyone who buys their Chicago Country Crawl tickets is also invited to the pre-party and after-party! The pre-party will take place at Moe’s Cantina River North on Friday, September 11th and the after-party will be at Old Crow Smokehouse River North on Saturday, September 12th. At both the pre-game and after-party mention to the host that you bought your Chicago Country Crawl ticket and you will receive drinks on us from 10-11pm. Keep the American spirit going all weekend long!


Whether you are a born and raised city person, or are missing the southern heat, the Chicago Country Crawl will make you forget that you are in Chicago in the best way imaginable. Nothing beats country music, drinking beers, and being surrounded by friends all day long. Let’s celebrate America together. Buy your tickets now before prices go up at


As of June 15 the Chicago Country Crawl is still intended to take place on September 12th. Anyone who feels sick or has a fever should not attend the Chicago Country Crawl. Everyone attending should make sure that they are following proper hygiene precautions. Check back at frequently to make sure no changes to the crawl have been made. 


Don’t miss out on the chance to have a country experience in the middle of Chicago. All day drinking. All day country. All day fun. Get your tickets now!

YEEHAW!! Calling all Chicago country music fans! Do you like listening to the crawdads sing? A boot scootin’ boggie? Or cold beer while singing your favorite country song? Well we have just the event for you, throw on your daisy ducks, cowboy boots and hat, red white and blue and come out to the adults only Chicago Country Crawl on Saturday, September 12th, from 11am-6pm. 

Enjoy your favorite Wrigleyville bars with nothing but the best country hits blasting at every bar. All of the venues are within walking distance so you can easily boot scoot and boogie your way over to the next honky tonk with your friends. Country fan or not, there’s no reason to not come out and drink $5 Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island 312, Michelob Ultra and Fireball at most bars! Also included in the country crawl ticket is a FREE t-shirt, breakfast buffet (because who doesn’t enjoy a hearty breakfast before hitting the honky tonk), gift cards that can be used on the crawls as well as more drink specials, giveaways and more. 

Didn’t get your country music festival fix this summer? You have no reason to not come out and enjoy the DJ playing nothing but country songs (it will be pretty much the same as being at a country festival, just without the blazing heat and crazy expensive drinks.) Also, you will have not one country hater breathing down your neck while you are enjoying the music, so drink your beer and dance along to the music all day long! 

Be sure to be on the lookout for the crawl schedule which will be announced on Friday, September 11th in the afternoon. When you come to the crawl, make sure to wear your wristband the entire time and be ready to pose for our crawl photographer while you are at each bar. With those pictures you can enter our photo contest by posting your pictures to your Facebook or Instagram using #Chicago20Something. We have a panel of judges selected who will go through each picture and decide a winner. The winner will be contacted after the crawl. But wait there’s more! You can become a Chicago Country Crawl Champ by posting a picture from every bar! Be sure to check out our pictures from last year on our website! Also, doing that is a good tactic if you are trying to convince a reluctant friend to come along.

Another exciting factor of the Country Crawl, your tickets include over $200 in freebies! Including; $7 FREE DoorDash cash from DoorDash, $10 in FREE food from Ritual and more! Go to our website to see all of the exciting things we have to offer to our ticket buyers!  

The Country Crawl would not have been possible without our amazing sponsors! These companies are special to us and we want to give them a huge shout out for being ever so loyal. Special thanks to; Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island, Michelob Ultra and Fireball… We appreciate your support and couldn’t have done this without you!

So, buy your tickets, dig out your stompin’ boots and hats, find that sitter if you need and meet us down in Wrigleyville to celebrate the end of summer, some American classic songs and cheap beer! Come one, come all, we’ll be waiting for ya! YEEHAW!

Country road take me home…to the place I belong…Chicago’s Country Crawl in Wrigleyville, Take me home! Where is the place you belong you ask? Clearly it is at the Chicago Country Crawl in Wrigleyville at all the best bars this September! 


YEEHAW! Love country music, a good time, and drinking whatever your heart desires? Join us in Wrigley for the most country you can get in Chicago on our Country Crawl. Grab your daisy dukes, cowboy boots, and hats for Saturday September 12th from 11am to 6pm. We are bringing the Honky Tonk to Chicago. Tickets include: Admission & a Free T-Shirt, Breakfast Buffet, Gift Cards to Use on the Crawl, Drink Specials, Giveaways & MORE! Join your friends to belt out your favorite country songs and take advantage of these great deals!! Drink specials for the Country Crawl include: $5 Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island 312, Michelob Ultra, and Fireball at most bars! We will be announcing the bar crawl schedule on Friday, September 11th afternoon so make sure you check back for details!


You do NOT want to miss out on these awesome deals! We ALSO are offering a PRE-Party and AFTER-Party how many bar crawls can you name that come with a pre-party and after-party? On Friday, September 11th, Join us at Moe’s Cantina River North and Mention that you are there for “Chicago Country Crawl” at the host stand between 10pm and 11pm to receive a drink on us! On Saturday September 12th, Join us at Old Crow Smokehouse River North and Mention that you are there for “Chicago Country Crawl” at the host stand between 10pm and 11pm to receive a drink on us! You don’t want to miss out! Did I mention Free stuff?


FREE STUFF: Your tickets also include over $200 in Freebies* including: $7 in FREE DoorDash cash from DoorDash, $10 in FREE food from Ritual & More! Click HERE for more info! *All offers valid for first time users only and subject to change without notice. We love some good free items! YeeHaw is all we can say! Don’t forget to also Enter to win our photo contest by posting pictures to Facebook or Instagram using “#Chicago20Something” Our panel of judges will go through the pictures and winners will be contacted after the crawl! Be a Chicago Country Crawl Champ, and post a picture from every bar! Join us for this fun once a year event instead of your typical Saturday night out. 


Come hangout at Wrigleys best bars for the one and only Country Crawl! Country Music, Cowboy boots and hats, drinks, deals, food, you name it! Don’t forget all of our incredible deals that are offered with you tickets. You and your friends will not regret it, so get your tickets NOW before prices go up. 


SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Bud Light Seltzer, Goose Island, Michelob Ultra and Fireball … this would not be possible without your support!


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