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Work got you down? Wanting something to spice up your week? Want to get in a fun workout? Trying to think of something fun to do with your friends? Tired of your boring weekly routine? Need a way to unwind and have some serious fun, like seriously? Come to Adult Night at Altitude Trampoline Park in the West Loop! With over 30,000 square feet of indoor trampolines and other attractions, you’re bound to have the time of your life. Plus, there’s no kids! That’s right! No screaming, sticky, sweaty kids you have to look out for! You can jump as much as you want without the worry of jumping or landing on a small little kid!  

Multiple dates are available so you can turn this unique experience into a weekly, or monthly thing! Altitude Trampoline Park has 30+ trampolines, a trapeze swing, a rock wall, trampoline basketball, extreme dodgeball, foam pits, and more! You can drink like an adult but jump like a kid! 

You can buy your tickets at! Tickets include a beer on us at the afterparty around the corner at District Brewyards! District Brewyards is one of the first of its kinds in the nation. They house three breweries and 40 self-serve beer taps! 

A ticket to this amazing event includes entry, a drink at the after party and hours of endless fun! Food will be provided, of course. All that jumping sure will make you hungry! Be sure to bring your socks and maybe a helmet if you plan on jumping so high you hit the ceiling. Tickets also include over $200 in FREE offers from us at Chicago Twenty Something (valid for first time users only). 

 If I were you, I would buy my ticket for every week I could. Seriously, jumping on a trampoline and enjoying a drink with friends afterwards, that sounds like music to my ears! Buy your tickets soon because this event sells quick! Prices will increase as the nights get closer and you do not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. 

This event is the perfect pick-me-up, the perfect workout (hello, a sneaky way to get in some cardio!), and the perfect time to do something different! Bring your friends, coworkers, boss, girlfriend, boyfriend, anyone really. Perfect for a first date too! If you want to make a great first impression, this is a foolproof way to impress them! This event is perfect for all those 21 and older. You deserve a memorable night for yourself and your friends to do something you typically would not be doing on a Thursday evening!

Want to change up your typical weekend night out, but still be able to have fun and drink? Well I’ve got the perfect event for you! Adults night at the trampoline park is an adult only event that allows you to drink like an adult, but also have fun jumping on a trampoline like you’re a kid again! This is a perfect way to shake things up from the typical weekend night out at the bars by instead spending the night with you and your friends jumping over indoor trampolines and drinking afterwards.


Altitude Trampoline Park in the West Loop of Chicago is 30,000 square feet and includes over 30 indoor trampolines, trampoline basketball, extreme dodgeball, foam pits, a trapeze swing, a rock wall, and much more! This is also a great chance to be able to jump around and have fun at a trampoline park without any loud and obnoxious children! The exercise from jumping around at the trampoline park can help work up a thirst, hunger,and burn calories which is perfect because the food concession stand will be open. The other attractions such as trampoline basketball and extreme dodgeball also make this an exciting environment for you and your more competitive friends and it can appease your less competitive friends with attractions such as the trapeze swing and the foam pits!


The drinking begins at the after-party right around the corner from Altitude Trampoline Park at District Brew Yards where you will receive a beer on us! District Brew Yards holds three breweries and 40 self-serve homemade craft beer taps making it a one of a kind destination! The District Brew Yards also offers Southern-style BBQ and some delicious side dishes as another option to subside your hunger from all the jumping you and your friends will be doing. Only 100 tickets will be sold at a maximum each night to ensure that everyone has room to jump around, so be sure to get you and your friends tickets as soon as possible before they sell out of your desired date! This event is also the perfect opportunity to raise money for a certain cause or to celebrate your birthday where your ticket will be free!


All attendees will receive over $200 in FREE offers from Chicago Twenty Something. This also includes $7 in FREE DoorDash cash, $10 in FREE food from Ritual and more (valid for first time users only)! There is also an opportunity to enter to win our photo contest by posting pictures to Instagram or Facebook using “#AdultsNightJump” and tagging @AltitudeChicago. Our panel of judges will then go through the pictures and contact the winners after the event! 


Adult night at the trampoline park is the perfect way to change up your typical weekend night out with your friends at the bars, but still have fun and drink! It’s a fun way to stay active during the weekend and allows you to enjoy drinks at a brewyard that is the first of its kind in the nation with your best friends!

Imagine this: you and your friends are feeling a little tipsy after some drinks at the bar. You have this crazy idea that you want to go to a trampoline park to spice up the fun. A park with absolutely NO kids and just adults. You and your friends go and you guys have the best time ever. Here is the reality: you’re at the same old bar that you always go to with your friends. You have absolutely no idea what to do, but all you know is that you want to do something spontaneous and memorable. I have the absolutely perfect event for you! Come join us at the Altitude Trampoline Park where we hold “Adults Night!” Yes, that’s right! A trampoline park with ONLY adults and absolutely NO kids! Crazy, huh?! 


Adults Night at Altitude Trampoline Park offers more than 30 trampolines, trampoline basketball, extreme dodgeball, foam pits, trapeze swings, rock walls and so much MORE! Literally everything you could have imagined as a kid! Our extravagant event takes place on multiple Thursdays, so you and your friends can go once or even a couple more times! Our dates are included on The park is located in West Loop and just around the corner of the trampoline park is District Brew Yards where we hold an after party for the attendees where they can also receive a beer on us! Not only will attendees get a unique and spontaneous experience, but they will also receive over $200 in FREE offers from Chicago Twenty Something (valid for first time users only). You don’t want to miss out on this!


As mentioned earlier, with each ticket purchase you will receive admission to the event, over $200 in Freebies including $7 in FREE DoorDash cash, $10 in FREE food from Ritual and many more! You can get tickets It’s extremely important to buy tickets earlier because the price of tickets will jump up high! Just like how you will be on the trampoline! Get your tickets as soon as you can!


Attendees will also have the chance to win in the Adults Night at Altitude Trampoline Park’s photo contest by posting pictures to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag “#AdultsNightJump” and tagging @AltitudeChicago! I know there are many of us who love to post pictures of us with our friends on social media and you can do this anywhere, but how about a super cool picture of you and your friends jumping in the air?! Sounds pretty awesome to me! 


Kick off your weekend at Adults Night at Altitude Trampoline Park! Join us at one of our most exciting events! You don’t want to miss out on all of the jumping fun! 

Are you and your friends bored of just going to the same old bars and want to spice up your weekend? Well I have the perfect idea for you. Check out Adults night jump at the Altitude trampoline park in the West loop. You’ll have your friends jumping to go again! 

Tickets include over 30,000 square feet of indoor trampolines and so many more attractions to choose from like: extreme dodgeball, foam pits, trapeze swings, rock walls, wipe out and so much more to explore. You will also receive a beer on us at the after party around the corner at District Brew yards. District Brew Yards is one of a kind that houses three breweries and over 40 self-serve beer taps . 

Jump and laugh with friends like you’re back being a kid again. There is limited space so that you will have the maximum amount of fun. We want to bring you a night that will keep your friends and you talking about for a lifetime. 

You will need a pair of altitude socks to jump. You can bring your own or purchase a pair for $3.50. The concession stands will be open so you don’t have a growling belly in the middle of jumping away. All you need is your jumping legs and a valid Id showing that you are 21 + 

You are able to pick any date that is available on the website. There are only 100 tickets per night so you can enjoy yourself. We want this to be a night you remember and we want you to experience something other than the same old boring friday and saturday nights you’re used to. 

To add to the festivities we hold a photo contest where you can post a picture on Facebook or Instagram using #AdultsNightJump and tagging @AltitudeChicago. Our judges will go through the photos and pick a winner to earn a prize! 

You also get some sweet deals with your ticket admission. The Adults Night Jump includes lots of freebies for you to enjoy with you and some friends. Free deals from Via, DoorDash and More. Get your Adults Night Jump ticket today to find out what special freebies you can get while you’re playing wipeout, dodgeball, and jumping around the endless indoor trampolines that Altitude Trampoline park has to offer. 

There are a few other opportunities I think you could enjoy! The first would be the fundraising opportunity. Are you trying to raise money for something? If so, you can email to find out more. If you are having a birthday your ticket is FREE if you email Lastly, If you are interested in a free ticket

and earning some cash by spreading the word about this amazing night out you had, email

We hope you are just excited as us to spend the weekend with your friends acting like kids again jumping around and finishing the night off with Self Serve beer taps! Get your tickets now before ticket prices go up at

Who said kids get to have all the fun? Altitude Trampoline Park is hosting an adult’s night where bringing your inner-kid ego is welcomed and encouraged. This night is meant for you to let go and live in the good old days for a night. The Altitude Trampoline Park is in Chicago’s West Loop and is following COVID-19 guidelines. Adult nights were made for parents or mid-aged individuals to reminisce on their childhood and remember to value the memories they made back in the day and current memories with their children. 


With plenty of upcoming dates, you’re sure to find one that works for you.  With over 30,000 square feet of indoor trampolines and other key attractions, you are guaranteed a great time. This event is 21+ and is an opportunity to ditch the kids for a night and to act like one. There are over 30 trampolines including a basketball and dodgeball area. They also have foam pits, trapeze swings, a rock wall, wipeout and so much more that will lead you to want to come back. 


Now, how could this event get even better you may ask. Not only is there plenty of activities for you to partake in, but tickets also include a beer on us at the after-party around the corner at District Brew Yards. District Brew Yards is the first of its kind in the nation and houses three breweries and 40 self-serve beer taps. 


Chicago is known for its variety of different beers that restaurants and bars have on tap and District Brew Yards will not disappoint. They even let you serve yourself and broaden your experience by making it unique. This event gives you the perfect opportunity to burn off calories before enjoying a delicious beer at District Brew Yards. 


District Brew Yard has 40 taps, barbeque meats, sandwiches, and sides in airy, industrial digs. After working up your sweat from jumping you’ll have a variety of options to satisfy your hunger. They are known for their different breweries and fantastic beer selection. This pour-your-own beer experience is something that will add uniqueness to your night and make it just that much more memorable. Their open warehouse space can fit multiple people with leaser room again having social distance between your fellow jumpers will not be an issue. 


This night can be enjoyed with your buddies, friends, or even brought to a fun date night. With other people around your age, the event will bring in people of your demographic and the chance to make new friends and form new relationships. 


Time to Bounce… jump on it… purchase your tickets. To ensure there is plenty of jumping space for all the tickets cut off at 100 people maximum. So, to make sure you are updated on when tickets become available checkout and locate the event details to make sure your kid’s night out does not get spoiled.


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